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Flowpack Systems is renowned for providing fast and efficient packline solutions to the South African fruit industry. Flowpack Systems is the exclusive agent in Southern Africa for Elifab Solutions and Redpack Packaging Machinery. Recognised as a global market leader, UK-based Redpack offer pioneering flow wrapping technology with unrivalled quality for the Fruit, Fresh Produce, Bakery, Confectionary and Medical industries.


Equipped to provide customers with premium packaging solutions, Flowpack Systems is able to cater to a broad range of market requirements. The full-package service covers all phases of a project from design to installation, including on-site training and a dedicated aftercare service. Importantly, Flowpack Systems carry stock of all critical parts therefore reducing machinery downtime to a minimum. 


Flowpack Systems has an extensive range of Redpack flow wrapping machinery for virtually any industry.


The P325E-FI TRAYLESS APPLE has been specifically designed with a frictionless infeed to wrap fruits such as apples to minimise bruising the fruit when packing. Developed from the P325 range, it has been specifically designed for flow wrapping trayless apples. It has a frictionless infeed that gently carries the apples to the flow wrapping module with minimum bruising. The frictionless infeed can be easily adjusted for collations of 4,6,8 & 10 apples in ''Soldier Pack'' formation and an in-line pack, for variations in apple size grades.


The P325E-T TRAYLESS flow wrapping machine is renowned as a reliable, versatile, efficient and technically-advanced flow wrapper. For further versatility, the machine can be easily adjusted to allow fruit to be wrapped trayed or trayless in-line in various configurations.  With its frictionless infeed, the machines ensures that damage to the fruit is kept to a minimum. Although originally developed for apples the machine can wrap almost any graded top fruit including pears, plumbs, kiwi, oranges, lemons, etc.


The P325E BOTTOM SEAL is an industry leading horizontal flow wrapping machine that has been designed for versatility and easy configuration to suit all flow wrapping applications. It is designed as primarily a punnet packing machine especially efficient for packing table grapes, tomatoes, berries and stone fruit.


The Redpack NTS top seal machine is the fastest, smallest, most durable and best performing top seal flow wrapper in the market.

The NTS is an industry leading Horizontal Top Seal flow wrapping machine that has been designed for versatility and easy configuration and to flowrap difficult to handle product.


The HC65 is an IP65 (ingress protection) rated bottom seal flow wrapping machine. It has a multi axis drive control for product flexibility combined with a touch screen HMI and simple operator instructions for parameter entry and product changeover. The HC65 Redpack is designed to minimise bug traps with no flat horizontal surfaces and minimal celvis fixings with sealed structural sections that means it’s easy to maintain and clean. This means it is able to withstand cleaning and washing with a low pressure hose.


The Redpack Packaging Machinery P325S-SP Snack Packer is a world leading Horizontal Flowrapper specifically designed for Multipacking snack products. The Snack Packer provides a multi-pack with minimum overall size for supermarket shelf utilisation, minimum overwrap material to reduce packaging waste

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